Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A collage and a poem

Poem by  Maw Shein Win -  collaboration (2010)

things that begin 

tinctures for sparrow. a capsized pumpkin. shadow blots. memento mori. wrestle the chimera.
ladder to sky. palliative feathers and dreaming crickets. elephant key. 
contained custards. braided turnips and scalloped fur coats. tempests and gladiators.
painted things.

riotous hips and ribcage. a being-filled with liquid.  stop, stop now. please. continue. over is it yet. 
the doctor’s eyelashes are butterflies.  she was a little man. he was a little woman. 
sleeping children with locks and tresses. lost in the desert. found in the forest.
pointed things.

crushed tundra and crossed eyes. trinkets and sceptres and waterfalls in brazil. 
he believes in magic, and so do i.  nine times nine equals twine. dragon fruit scooped into bowls. 
owls and blue spaces in sparkling lots. matters can complicate matters. a slithering towards. 
planted things.


Chris Rusak said...

I dig man. Is it straight collage, or is there ink in there also? the ground has a stone/wallpaper look to it on my monitor.

Cyndy Goldman Art Blog said...

rk - thanks for posting a larger view of this collage. the work speaks to the poem.. poem speaks to the work...keep going there...

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Robert - your voice - it knows what it is doing!